Proposed Bill to Purge Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

While many states have laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, the majority of them, as well as the federal government, have no such law. While many would argue that the Civil Rights Act applies to situations where gay and lesbian individuals are discriminated against, but the law only protects from discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, and religion.

discrimination based on sexual orientationThere are hundreds of documented studies where gays and lesbians have been discriminated against at work based on their sexual orientation.

Legislation is being introduced in both the Senate and House to combat this discrimination. Many corporations already have protections of their own in place, but a federal law would help improve the situation.

This bill should have very little problem gaining support in Congress as the overall public opinion becomes increasingly gay-friendly.


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  1. Ravid & Associates
    Nov 15, 2013

    This bill recently passed in the senate, but it is uncertain whether it will be brought up for a vote in the house. The speaker believes that that such a law is unnecessary and is concerned that it will lead to frivolous lawsuits.

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