Monsanto’s Reaction to Product Effects

It’s hard to make a technological advance that doesn’t come with any hardships. After all, you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. And, most of the time, people don’t know just how bad hardships are until decades after the fact. Lead paint was deemed safe for a very long time before people started to notice that children were being born with birth defects because of their mother’s exposure to the substance. Fossil fuels are still being burned to this day while the world’s top scientists scramble to find a long-term alternative, even though everyone knows that the usage of fossil fuels is slowly destroying our planet. Once the effects of a new product come to light, most big businesses will attempt to do the right thing and correct the problem in their product or service. Everyone except Monsanto, it seems.

Since it introduced its herbicide Roundup in 1974, Monsanto has been poisoning the general public. Roundup contains glyphosate, a known carcinogen. Farmers and agricultural workers have reported some nasty side effects of exposure to Roundup. As an aerosol, much of exposure to Roundup has been attributed to inhalation. This being said, exposure to Roundup has also been caused by eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water. This means that there are likely traces of Roundup in a large plurality of the water we still drink today.

Exposure to glyphosate has been linked to the development of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma. Aside from cancers, glyphosate is potentially a key factor in the development of diabetes, ADHD, depression, liver disease, and a myriad of other diseases. Elderly members of society and pregnant women are especially vulnerable when it comes to contracting a disease as a result of exposure to glyphosate and Roundup.

There’s been more than one class-action Monsanto cancer lawsuit started as an attempt to force Monsanto to admit their mistakes. Monsanto has doubled down and is refusing to hold themselves accountable. Unfortunately, it’s going to take more people taking a stand against this major corporation before any change occurs. For some victims, it’s too late. For those that are still around, it’s now or never. It’s time for Monsanto to deal with what they have done. They have made their beds, and now they have to lie in them!

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or another disease, and you think it’s a result of exposure to Roundup, it is time to get a lawyer who cares about you and is willing to go the extra mile to make your case known. Many people have been lumped together in one large lawsuit against this company, but a few have chosen to take on Monsanto as individuals. Regardless of how you make your case, be sure to make sure to put your health first as you work to make Monsanto atone for their crimes.


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