Women Face Pregnancy Discrimination Despite Federal Protections

After being laid off, a woman has filed a lawsuit against her former employer claiming her firing was unfair and discriminatory. The suit alleges that she was fired not because of downsizing, but as retaliation for taking maternity leave twice in as many years.

The Family and Medical Leave Act guarantees women unpaid maternity leave and further state protections in New Hampshire allow women to return to their position (or a sufficiently similar one) when that leave ends. The woman in the suit took maternity leave in 2009 after receiving a good performance review months before. Shortly after she put in the request for maternity leave for her second pregnancy in early 2011, her performance review score fell dramatically under the reasoning that she had become unreliable. pregnancy discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that pregnancy discrimination cases have risen over the past 15 years nationwide. This presents a clear problem that needs creative solutions that are mutually beneficial and fair to families and employers.

Despite all of the laws in place designed to protect people from discrimination, it continues to be a prevalent problem across the nation.

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Click here for more infoNursing homes are meant to be places in which elderly individuals are given the care and medical attention they need in order to remain in good health. For many families, the difficult decision to place an individual in a nursing home is eased by the fact that they know their loved ones will get the best cares possible in these circumstances.

Unfortunately, not all nursing care facilities give this standard of care to their residents. In fact, nursing home abuse is a serious problem in the United States. The victims of nursing home abuse can suffer from serious physical and psychological problems, and they may develop serious health conditions as a result. This can be particularly threatening to elderly individuals, who are not well conditioned to handle this type of physical damage.

One of the most devastating types of abuse which nursing home residents might be the victims of is sexual abuse. While most people cannot bring themselves to consider this possibility as a risk that their loved ones may face in a nursing home, the reality is that nursing home sexual abuse has become a serious issue among elderly individuals in the United States.

Sexual abuse in nursing homes can occur in several ways. The most common form of nursing home sexual abuse is abuse perpetrated by other residents. In these circumstances, nursing home staff and management are accountable because they failed to provide the security which they should have for their residents.

Sexual abuse can also occur in a nursing home at the hands of the staff themselves. Because nursing home residents are often extremely vulnerable, both from a physical and emotional standpoint, it is easy for unscrupulous individuals to commit this type of horrific abuse against the residents of a nursing home, and in many cases, it can be difficult for family members to recognize the signs that their loved ones have suffered this type of abuse. When cases like nursing home abuse occur, there are legal options victims and their loves ones can pursue. One option is to seek professional assistance from an injury lawyer that has experience in handling sensitive cases dealing with negligence or abuse in the nursing home.

Mass Litigation is Not Always the Best Option for a Pradaxa Lawsuit

Pradaxa manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim may soon be facing the lawyers representing over 1,000 product liability claims in multidistrict litigation proceedings to be held in Southern Illinois. However, not all cases benefit equally under mass litigation.

While mass litigation is ultimately more effective than individual lawsuits, it is also dehumanizing. With so many cases before the dock, it is inevitable that many of the plaintiffs get sidelined unless their cases have a more dramatic (because more horrific) impact in trial. More often than not, individual plaintiffs in mass litigation are reduced to a case number, and even the lawyers have a hard time remembering their names.

A Pradaxa lawsuit, like any case where a drug is involved, is highly personal. Each case is different, and while some have more severe reactions than others, the degree of impact on each person will vary. For example, if both Paul and Peter suffer from internal bleeding as a result of taking Pradaxa, the impact on Paul’s life, who is a construction worker, is much greater than Peter who is an office worker. It is still possible for Peter to work, while Paul will most likely have to stop. In mass litigation, the finer points of a case can be overlooked or ignored because there are simply too many cases that need to be considered. In all probability, Peter and Paul will receive the same compensation although Paul actually suffered more.

Mass litigation is useful for all concerned because it brings to the fore the breadth and width of a particular problem, such as the health risks posed by Pradaxa. Individual cases that will come in the wake of a successful (for the plaintiffs) mass litigation will most probably go more smoothly because a precedent has been set. There is truly strength in numbers. But for the individual plaintiff, a more personal approach to a Pradaxa lawsuit will ensure that the representation is thorough and comprehensive. If you or someone you know intends to file a Pradaxa lawsuit, consult with a Pradaxa lawyer in your area first before considering signing up for mass litigation.

Proposed Bill to Purge Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation

While many states have laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, the majority of them, as well as the federal government, have no such law. While many would argue that the Civil Rights Act applies to situations where gay and lesbian individuals are discriminated against, but the law only protects from discrimination based on factors such as race, gender, and religion.

discrimination based on sexual orientationThere are hundreds of documented studies where gays and lesbians have been discriminated against at work based on their sexual orientation.

Legislation is being introduced in both the Senate and House to combat this discrimination. Many corporations already have protections of their own in place, but a federal law would help improve the situation.

This bill should have very little problem gaining support in Congress as the overall public opinion becomes increasingly gay-friendly.

Facial Dysmorphism due to Depakote

With the introduction of the prescription drug Depakote, people suffering from seizures because of depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and other problems relating to mental health and, most especially, manic-depression or bipolar disorder were provided with an effective medical solution.

As an anticonvulsant drug, Depakote is able to help stabilize the mood, behavior, energy, and cognitive processes of people with bipolar disorder. Perhaps more importantly, it is also known to be an effective medication for preventing migraines and seizures. Another important benefit of Depakote is its coating, which helps reduce some of the gastrointestinal side-effects associated with anti-seizure medications.

Manic-depressive disorder is a serious mental illness, and patients with this condition often see it affect their relationships, performance in school, and ability to work and remain a healthy part of their community if the disorder is not treated. This is because the mood swings, besides being on extremes, can last for days or even weeks. With Depakote, however, the person becomes more stable.

Though proven effective, Depakote was not without side-effects. It was found out that the ones most affected by this prescription drug were unborn children – through mothers who have taken the drug during pregnancy. Thus, babies of these pregnant mothers suffered from severe birth defects, some of which included deformity of the cardiovascular system, spinal defects, like scoliosis and spina bifida, defects in the brain, and skull deformity. Aside from these, babies born to mothers who took Depakote were also discovered to have poorer performance on tests that involved problem-solving, intelligence, and reasoning.

Another serious complication caused by Depakote is facial dysmorphism, a birth defect where some of the facial structures of a child are deformed. Children with facial dysmorphism can have cleft palate, cleft lip, deformed ears, facial asymmetries, developmental delay, eyes spaced too far apart or too near each other, mismatched eye colors, and other problems. These deformities can have an impact on the life of a child, affecting his or her level of confidence, happiness, and health.

For women whose children were born with a birth defect as a result of their use of Depakote during pregnancy, it may be possible to pursue compensation through a Depakote lawsuit to help pay for the costs that their child’s condition may result in.

Child Support, An Obligation of Every Parent Even After Divorce

Among the very important issues that couples need to resolve when filing for divorce is child support. Child support is no other than the monthly financial assistance which the obligor, or the non-custodial parent, should give to the obligee, the custodial parent, the care-giver or the state (in the absence of the two), for the support of his or her child / children.

This financial support is for the child’s basic needs, specifically, food, clothing, shelter, health care and education. Although payment is usually made only until the child reaches the age of 18 or emancipation, the court may require the obligor to also assist in his or her child’s future needs and activities, like advanced / college education, medical and/or dental needs, camp activities and vacation.

How much financial support the non-custodial parent ought to give for the child will depend on different factors, including the age and cost of the needs of the child, the parent’s capability to pay and, most importantly, the parent’s present income (monthly wage, overtime pay, commissions, benefits) and future opportunities. These factors have been specified by the Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984, a US law that promotes and requires support of biological children.

In the interest of the child, courts require that any changes (increase or decrease) in the amount of support will have to be approved by legally since the determination of the amount was made through legal proceedings; direct negotiations by the obligor with the oblige regarding this issue may result to contempt of court.

Application for increase or decrease in the amount of financial support can be due to job promotion, increase in salary, loss of job and others. Oftentimes, asking for legal help or hiring a lawyer who is well versed with issues regarding family law would be a wise move as he or she will be able to take away any burden connected with the child support case.