IRS Accused of Discriminately Targeting Conservative Groups

The Internal Revenue Service, the agency responsible for collecting taxes and enforcing tax laws, is facing intense scrutiny after it was revealed that it has been unfairly targeting audits and investigations at conservative groups.

IRS controversyThe issue comes from certain kinds of groups who can apply for tax-exempt status. Many of these groups are allowed to hide their donor lists and are used to raise money for politicians, meaning an individual can use them to contribute more money to an election campaign than normally allowed by law. The IRS’s goal was to do something to fight this practice.

However, it faltered because its investigations targeted primarily conservative Tea Party organizations, potentially having an effect on election results and shaking national confidence in how tax laws are enforced.

Two high-ranking IRS officials have resigned because of this scandal and congressional hearings are being held to get to the bottom of what happened. One of the main focal points will be finding exactly whose idea it was to target conservative groups.


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