Dining in The Woodlands, Texas

The food scene in Houston has been taking on the spotlight, lately. With its diverse culture and increasing sophistication, the Houston food scene has started to develop its kind of unique taste and flavor. According to John T. Edge, renowned author and food enthusiast, Houston’s food is special because of its “connectivity between ethnic… and white table cloth restaurants, a connectivity that is both respectful and consultative”. The diversity of food is not only centered on Houston though, because 32 miles up, The Woodlands have their own contribution and variety of Houston flavor.

Just as with Houston, The Woodlands offers a selection of food choices, all depending on what you want to eat at the moment. From European cuisine to exotic Asian dishes, you will surely find what you are craving for in this quite little community. Visiting it without tasting the numerous restaurants and cafés would be such a waste of a trip. Aside from the fast food and familiar restaurants and diners that you find all over the United States, The Woodlands is also booming with a fast-growing fusion of flavors as diversity-driven entrepreneurs take advantage of the thriving community.

Along with the expansions and developments going on in The Woodlands, it has also opened up to a multitude of restaurants. Among the more familiar ones are the “Mi Cocina” located at The Woodlands Waterway, where diners can enjoy an array of enchiladas and tacos but not before sampling the classing house margarita. If you are yearning for Chinese food, then you can head on out to “Ace Chinese Restaurant” for some classic Chinese cuisine. “The Black Walnut Café” is also a great option for early birds who want to have their own made-to-order kolaches along with the classic stacks of pancakes. For those looking for the taste of the South, “Jasper’s” would be a good place to go, elegantly served food where you won’t be shy to get your face messy from enjoying the food.

There are a number of other options for your appetite. Whether you are craving for a juicy steak or seeking pizza to eat with your friends, the options seem limitless at The Woodlands. As the booming food scene in Houston sweeps the country, The Woodlands is not far behind.


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