Mass Litigation is Not Always the Best Option for a Pradaxa Lawsuit

Pradaxa manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim may soon be facing the lawyers representing over 1,000 product liability claims in multidistrict litigation proceedings to be held in Southern Illinois. However, not all cases benefit equally under mass litigation.

While mass litigation is ultimately more effective than individual lawsuits, it is also dehumanizing. With so many cases before the dock, it is inevitable that many of the plaintiffs get sidelined unless their cases have a more dramatic (because more horrific) impact in trial. More often than not, individual plaintiffs in mass litigation are reduced to a case number, and even the lawyers have a hard time remembering their names.

A Pradaxa lawsuit, like any case where a drug is involved, is highly personal. Each case is different, and while some have more severe reactions than others, the degree of impact on each person will vary. For example, if both Paul and Peter suffer from internal bleeding as a result of taking Pradaxa, the impact on Paul’s life, who is a construction worker, is much greater than Peter who is an office worker. It is still possible for Peter to work, while Paul will most likely have to stop. In mass litigation, the finer points of a case can be overlooked or ignored because there are simply too many cases that need to be considered. In all probability, Peter and Paul will receive the same compensation although Paul actually suffered more.

Mass litigation is useful for all concerned because it brings to the fore the breadth and width of a particular problem, such as the health risks posed by Pradaxa. Individual cases that will come in the wake of a successful (for the plaintiffs) mass litigation will most probably go more smoothly because a precedent has been set. There is truly strength in numbers. But for the individual plaintiff, a more personal approach to a Pradaxa lawsuit will ensure that the representation is thorough and comprehensive. If you or someone you know intends to file a Pradaxa lawsuit, consult with a Pradaxa lawyer in your area first before considering signing up for mass litigation.