Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Click here for more infoNursing homes are meant to be places in which elderly individuals are given the care and medical attention they need in order to remain in good health. For many families, the difficult decision to place an individual in a nursing home is eased by the fact that they know their loved ones will get the best cares possible in these circumstances.

Unfortunately, not all nursing care facilities give this standard of care to their residents. In fact, nursing home abuse is a serious problem in the United States. The victims of nursing home abuse can suffer from serious physical and psychological problems, and they may develop serious health conditions as a result. This can be particularly threatening to elderly individuals, who are not well conditioned to handle this type of physical damage.

One of the most devastating types of abuse which nursing home residents might be the victims of is sexual abuse. While most people cannot bring themselves to consider this possibility as a risk that their loved ones may face in a nursing home, the reality is that nursing home sexual abuse has become a serious issue among elderly individuals in the United States.

Sexual abuse in nursing homes can occur in several ways. The most common form of nursing home sexual abuse is abuse perpetrated by other residents. In these circumstances, nursing home staff and management are accountable because they failed to provide the security which they should have for their residents.

Sexual abuse can also occur in a nursing home at the hands of the staff themselves. Because nursing home residents are often extremely vulnerable, both from a physical and emotional standpoint, it is easy for unscrupulous individuals to commit this type of horrific abuse against the residents of a nursing home, and in many cases, it can be difficult for family members to recognize the signs that their loved ones have suffered this type of abuse. When cases like nursing home abuse occur, there are legal options victims and their loves ones can pursue. One option is to seek professional assistance from an injury lawyer that has experience in handling sensitive cases dealing with negligence or abuse in the nursing home.