Types of Child Custody: Which is the Best for Your Child?

There are four child custody types from which spouses can choose:

Legal custody – courts in some states sometimes decide on awarding this type of custody to both parents. Legal custody gives the custodial parent(s) the right and responsibility to decide on matters concerning the child’s growth and basic needs, like education, religious upbringing, and health care. In joint legal custody or when the right to decide is given to both parents, both spouses are given the right to provide input about this issue and to have a say in the ultimate decision.

Physical custody – this type of custody gives the custodial parent the right to live with his or her child/ children, while the other parent is typically awarded visitation rights. In the event that the divorced parents live near one another and the child / children spend considerable amounts of time with both of them, then the court may allow joint physical custody instead.

Sole custody – though many courts are now veering away from entrusting a child to only one parent and increasing the role played by fathers in a child’s life after divorce, sole custody would still be the decision if one parent is judged to be unfit due to dependency on drugs or alcohol, neglect or abuse of the child, mental incapacity, or an unfit new partner.

Joint custody – this type of custody has various forms:

  • joint physical custody;
  • joint legal custody; and
  • joint legal and physical custody

Divorced couples who are awarded joint physical custody also usually enjoy joint legal custody, but not vice-versa. Though joint custody allows the parents continuous involvement in the child’s life, which is highly beneficial to the child, it also has some disadvantages. You should consult with a qualified legal professional to learn more about these issues.

Legal Assistance on International Divorce Needs

Today’s technology allows many people to go wherever they want to live or to get in touch with people in any part of the world. Whether for work or leisure, going to foreign lands has never been so easy as it is today and, wherever people go, relationships may be entered into, relationships that sometimes lead to marriage.

Many of these marriages, unfortunately, do not last forever. This can create particularly acute problems, as the different parties to the marriage may live in countries with radically different legal systems, making international divorce much more complicated than it would typically be. For this reason, international divorce lawyers can be of invaluable assistance to those in this situation.

These lawyers are well trained in laws governing international marriage, divorce, and divorce-related issues; they are also well-versed in cultural and international marriage agreements, such as the Hague Conventions on marriage and divorce. The Hague Convention on the Celebration and Recognition of the Validity of Marriages, which was enacted on May 1, 1991, requires all contracting (member) states to recognize as legal any marriage entered into in any contracting state.

Prior to this, though, was the Hague Convention on the Recognition of Divorces and Legal Separations that was convened in June of 1970 and which took effect on August 25, 1975, which obliges other contracting states to recognize divorces or legal separations obtained in another contracting state. Certain exceptions are stipulated, though, such as not having to recognize the divorce applied for if the spouses were citizens of a country where divorce was not legal. There are various other exceptions which your lawyer can help you understand.

Thus if you need assistance with any issue concerning international laws pertaining to divorce, remember that there are highly-qualified legal [rpfessionals always ready to give you the help you need.

IRS Accused of Discriminately Targeting Conservative Groups

The Internal Revenue Service, the agency responsible for collecting taxes and enforcing tax laws, is facing intense scrutiny after it was revealed that it has been unfairly targeting audits and investigations at conservative groups.

IRS controversyThe issue comes from certain kinds of groups who can apply for tax-exempt status. Many of these groups are allowed to hide their donor lists and are used to raise money for politicians, meaning an individual can use them to contribute more money to an election campaign than normally allowed by law. The IRS’s goal was to do something to fight this practice.

However, it faltered because its investigations targeted primarily conservative Tea Party organizations, potentially having an effect on election results and shaking national confidence in how tax laws are enforced.

Two high-ranking IRS officials have resigned because of this scandal and congressional hearings are being held to get to the bottom of what happened. One of the main focal points will be finding exactly whose idea it was to target conservative groups.

Women Face Pregnancy Discrimination Despite Federal Protections

After being laid off, a woman has filed a lawsuit against her former employer claiming her firing was unfair and discriminatory. The suit alleges that she was fired not because of downsizing, but as retaliation for taking maternity leave twice in as many years.

The Family and Medical Leave Act guarantees women unpaid maternity leave and further state protections in New Hampshire allow women to return to their position (or a sufficiently similar one) when that leave ends. The woman in the suit took maternity leave in 2009 after receiving a good performance review months before. Shortly after she put in the request for maternity leave for her second pregnancy in early 2011, her performance review score fell dramatically under the reasoning that she had become unreliable. pregnancy discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that pregnancy discrimination cases have risen over the past 15 years nationwide. This presents a clear problem that needs creative solutions that are mutually beneficial and fair to families and employers.

Despite all of the laws in place designed to protect people from discrimination, it continues to be a prevalent problem across the nation.

Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

Click here for more infoNursing homes are meant to be places in which elderly individuals are given the care and medical attention they need in order to remain in good health. For many families, the difficult decision to place an individual in a nursing home is eased by the fact that they know their loved ones will get the best cares possible in these circumstances.

Unfortunately, not all nursing care facilities give this standard of care to their residents. In fact, nursing home abuse is a serious problem in the United States. The victims of nursing home abuse can suffer from serious physical and psychological problems, and they may develop serious health conditions as a result. This can be particularly threatening to elderly individuals, who are not well conditioned to handle this type of physical damage.

One of the most devastating types of abuse which nursing home residents might be the victims of is sexual abuse. While most people cannot bring themselves to consider this possibility as a risk that their loved ones may face in a nursing home, the reality is that nursing home sexual abuse has become a serious issue among elderly individuals in the United States.

Sexual abuse in nursing homes can occur in several ways. The most common form of nursing home sexual abuse is abuse perpetrated by other residents. In these circumstances, nursing home staff and management are accountable because they failed to provide the security which they should have for their residents.

Sexual abuse can also occur in a nursing home at the hands of the staff themselves. Because nursing home residents are often extremely vulnerable, both from a physical and emotional standpoint, it is easy for unscrupulous individuals to commit this type of horrific abuse against the residents of a nursing home, and in many cases, it can be difficult for family members to recognize the signs that their loved ones have suffered this type of abuse. When cases like nursing home abuse occur, there are legal options victims and their loves ones can pursue. One option is to seek professional assistance from an injury lawyer that has experience in handling sensitive cases dealing with negligence or abuse in the nursing home.